The Datalabs agency was built to jumpstart data projects.

We devise strategies that build insightful interactions between a company’s data and the employees in charge of acting on it. We make data look beautiful, easy to engage with and quick to understand. And clients love it.

To do this, we keep things simple: we offer analytics and data visualisation products, like business intelligence dashboards, data presentations, animated data videos and infographic reports.

Often data is unstructured, unaccounted for, or unavailable.

As a first step, Datalabs audits the data sources that are being captured by a company, then we cleanse that data. Sometimes the structure of data isn’t pretty. Datalabs will get its hands dirty, utilizing the best software available to simplify, reformat, and rebuild your company’s data.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Once the data is in a tight and tangible format, we go to work building a story. Data can be creative. We honestly believe that. There are innumerable stories that are captured in CSV and XML files; you just have to look for them. The Datalabs analytics and visualisation team works with companies to “humanize” the numbers and equations that accrue inside spreadsheets and data feeds. Inside data, there are winners and losers, actors and events. Causality, proportion and trends in data is the most important and vital information a company can have. And it needs to be understood, communicated and acted upon. The story has to be memorable, compelling, beautiful and most of all simple.[/read]

We believe in telling visual stories with data.

A visual story excites and influences its audience. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]The growth of interest in and demand for infographics is a great example of visual story-telling moving into the mainstream. Data visualisation techniques marry together the human forms of perception and understanding with data’s digital complexity and scale. Datalabs believes that in order to be successful in your job, whether it’s in Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, or Politics, you have to be data-competent. You have to be a storyteller. In other words, it’s great to have a hunch, but it’s even better to be able to prove it.[/read]

Using the science of analytics and the artistry of data visualisation, Datalabs can help you get there. Show us your data. And we’ll show you the magic and beauty that comes from numbers.

Data will never be boring again – that’s a promise.