Year In Review

An infographic, visual first approach to the Year In Review
A better way of looking at data
One of Australia's largest health insurance funds
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Story & Design

Two Years of Infographic Reports

Over the past two years, we’ve worked with the team at HCF to give their Year In Review an infographic overhaul and use data to tell their story.  The overall approach was to use data as much as possible to tell the story with an illustrative design aesthetic that softened the data and numbers.

Months of planning and content production went into the creation of the report and the results are the perfect example of how the infographic style used to transform an annual report into something awesome. The reports both have a light feel to them, they are engaging visually and use various information design methods to keep the reader engaged.

Illustration: Custom illustration that were based on the brand style and characters. As obvious as it sounds, they really help give a sense of story and make the report visually engaging.

Custom Charts: Data and charts are the real hero here. We’ve used some custom charts as well as more traditional ones like bar charts. This softens the data and helps the reader get a better sense of the information.