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Animated Data Visualisation & Motion Graphics

Client Work: Datalabs’ Portfolio of Animated Data Videos
Tell Your Story With Animation & Motion Graphics

Datalabs’ animated data videos are designed as motion graphics with the narrative driven by numbers, insights, and ideas. They are a content form that can explain your business’s data in a simple and visual story.

Animated data videos combine both visual and auditory stimuli to cater to multiple learning styles and evoke stronger emotion than static imagery alone. By using an animation of your data, you can present the process to understanding complex data in a clear and captivating way with the aim to: explain, educate and inform. With Datalabs’ help, your insights will be told in story form and communicated in an innovative format rarely used by businesses today. You and your insights will stand out.

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Motion Graphics Tell Great Stories With Data

Using animated videos to tell data stories bridges the communication gap between executives and key stakeholders like: corporate shareholders, financial analysts, marketing managers, sales managers, even your customers. By providing additional insight to these key stakeholders in this user-friendly and engaging format, you will find your other data reports will be sought after.

Why Use Animations?

Engagement goes up, because the hard-work of simplification and extracting the key insights from your data is done by our data journalists and data visualizers. Imagine your reports as an animated video with a voice-over, explaining next quarter’s financial outlook, or the key numbers that are impacting your business right now. Think of them as animated business dashboards, explaining the key points found in your sales, social, web, marketing analytics or customer relationship management (CRM) data.

So give new life to a stale report or begin a new chapter in your corporate communications. Order your animated data video from Datalabs today.

Uses for Animated Data Videos

Financial Reports
Advertising Metrics
Sales Dashboards
Content Analytics
Competition Dashboards

Marketing Analytics
Executive Presentations
Quarterly Briefings
Social Media Metrics
Mobile Statistics

Annual Reports
Web Analytics
Social Media Monitoring
Human Resource Stats

Animated Data Video Idea
Visualising Marketing Analytics

Tackle the communication obstacles of complex process and ideas in an animated data video. In this example, Datalabs designed the thought processes behind content marketing segmentation for a customer’s content creation campaigns. The concept of using social media, CRM, web and mobile data is explored in a series of keywords visualisations, explaining the methods used to extract the next idea for the client’s content plan.

Technical Specification of Our Animated Data Videos
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Animated Data Visualisation in a Narrative Form

Our animated data videos can exported in a variety of hi-res formats to be displayed at conferences, executive presentations or simply on your business’s website or social channels, like YouTube. The output of a typical animated data videos is an .mov, .mp4, or .avi file.

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