The Communications Game Has Changed Significantly

Get a Plan for Telling Visual Stories & Communicating Data Insights

Formalise your company’s approach to communicating through infographics, motion graphics, explainer videos, interactive data visualisation, digital imagery, and visual reports.

Who Needs a Visual Communications Strategy?

Companies and government departments that struggle to simplify their data and their messages, and, who have yet to make the leap into visual communications. A Visual Communications Strategy helps organisations who would like to communicate more effectively using infographics, data visualisation, and motion graphics. So, essentially, any organisation that lacks a plan for visual content creation at scale and those brands without style guides for today’s more innovative content formats: interactive, animation, and flat infographics for social media, web and mobile sites, and print.

What Problems Does It Solve?

A Visual Communications Strategy allows a common, on-brand look-and-feel to a company’s visual content, allowing in-house designers and outside agencies to understand the guidelines for data visualisation and information design. This understanding cuts down on miscommunication between communications teams and the creatives they work with. A Visual Communications Strategy minimises extra design drafts, unlocking the ability to create a large volume of infographics for a broad array of divisions in a company: C-Suite, public relations (PR), sales, marketing, and even finance.

What Future Value Do You Get From Having a Visual Strategy?

Clients that have commissioned a Visual Communications Strategy from Datalabs have seen boosts in their search engine optimisation (SEO) traffic from Google. Additionally, social media teams have found they have more visual content to post (the best, more sharable content there is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Those risk-adverse communications teams were able to (with their new Strategy) start their ‘infographic journey’, weening themselves off of dense reports, and begin producing insightful summaries in formats they only dreamed of before: Animated videos that speak directly to customers, interactive calculators that expose important data to the general public or to financial markets, and infographics that simply engage audiences in a way that words can’t do by themselves. And better yet, their audience doesn’t have to sift through pages of content to understand the underlying message.

What’s In Datalabs’ Visual Communications Strategy?
  • Data Visualisation Style Guides: Infographics, Animated Videos, PowerPoint
  • Visual Strategy Pack: A highly visual plan that details how your organisation’s crucial data can be transformed into exciting, informative content to drive your brand goals, advertising, content marketing and PR campaigns.
  • Time with our expert consultants with experience in data science, data visualisation, and storytelling, with a strong background dealing with both brand and traditional communication strategies.
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