Visual Analytics Strategies

Great Business Intelligence Systems Don’t Happen by Accident

Get a Visual Analytics Strategy That Solves Problems Now & Scales into the Future!

Plan to be successful with your data by visualising your data systems, your resources, your processes and capture the business value that’s in your data.

Who Needs a Visual Analytics Strategy?

Anyone who’s lost control of their data, unsure of where to step next. Those companies and government agencies who want to ‘back-up’ strategically, and get a handle on it. We do visual strategies because a ‘picture is worth a thousand words.’ Simple, insightful infographic diagrams, visual timelines, organization charts, and visualized data are the norm in a Datalabs Visual Analytics Strategy.

What Problems Does It Solve?

A Visual Analytics Strategy closes the gap of what your current state of your data looks like and produces a tangible, realistic future of what a modern analytics system has in it. Having a visual strategy reduces the anxiety of ‘not knowing’ and speeds up planning and business cases. Often, a benefit of seeing what we produce is in seeing what’s not there, what’s missing, any gaps. A great strategy also gets all major stakeholders on board, seeing a common future without obstacles and without doubts.

What Future Value Do You Get From Having a Visual Strategy?

A Visual Analytics Strategy can reduce operational costs by freeing up your employees from manually extracting data, and producing bespoke queries and reports. A visual plan can communicate a common, future goal for all stakeholders. Politically, we’ve seen them used to communicate the complexity of present day technology and legacy processes used to bubble up data to analysts and decision-makers. And of course, that help is on its way – our Visual Analytics Strategies incorporate sub-plans for the resources, technology, and effort needed to get to your data ‘Nirvana’.

What’s in a Datalabs’ Visual Analytics Strategy?
  • Infographic Reports: A Data Source Map, Key Personal & Skills Map, and Data Integration Diagram
  • Visual Strategy Pack: To achieve your business goals you’re going to need a visual plan for your data. Where is your data stored now? Where does it come from? What data is missing, what’s required to lift your reporting, your insights, your communications to the next level? Our Visual Analytics Strategies tie together data, technology, people and processes into one well-designed plan, actionable immediately and ongoing in quantified stages. Exactly how project managers like them.
  • Time with our experienced analytics consultants who know their way around ‘Big Data’ and small. We bring a variety of skill sets to work on our client strategies, including data architects, data integration experts, analysts who can gather requirements and project managers skilled in running Agile projects.
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Our visual strategists have solved big problem for clients. If you’re challenged in how you aggregate and automate your data and insights, get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help.