Tableau Data Visualization Style Guides

Help your team design better on-brand dashboards.

Does Your Company Have a Tableau Dashboard Style Guide Yet?

Datalabs builds dashboards, reports, infographics & BI tools in Tableau. Now to impart those corporates and government agencies with the knowledge that we’ve learned over the years, Datalabs combines our data visualization and Tableau experience into a Tableau Style Guide. We focus on the data design, advanced functionality and communication of complex ideas that allow the users to quickly understand the data and make a decision based off of it.

Don’t Let Your Analysts Design Alone

Let’s face it: the same problem is possible with Tableau as it was with Microsoft Excel. Your analysts and data scientists are not graphic designers. They’re not creative data visualizers, either. Then why expect them to design your company’s reports beautifully, simply, with a common user experience that is intuitively appreciated by your broad group of stakeholders? Get them a Tableau Style Guide designed with the help of your brand team and let that guide their visual aesthetic and usability ideas. A Tableau Style Guide lets them concentrate on what they do best: data analysis and insight generation.

What Your Tableau Style Guide Could Include:
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  • Charts & Graphs
  • Tables
  • Icon Glossary
  • Front Sheets & Notes
  • Mobile & Tablet Recommendations
  • Layout Grids
  • Data Visualization Best Practice
  • Data Connectors
  • Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Formatting
  • Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Drill-downs
  • Integration Visuals
We Design Visual Analytics Platforms

We design our Tableau Style Guides in Tableau and Adobe Illustrator, which means that your Chief Marketing Officer or Brand Manager can import our data visualization style guide into a larger style guide document, while at the same time allowing analysts and report generators the option of using on-brand, right-off-the-digital-shelf Tableau charts and graphs. Datalabs delivers a product that not only is on-brand, but is also designed with a fantastic Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a highly sophisticated user experience. Our years of infographic, interactive and web design experience formed our agency’s R&D approach when we started with Tableau as our in-house BI tool. Now, when you get a Tableau Style Guide from Datalabs, you get our Tableau software expertise coupled with our design and visual analytics experience, which means that you give every Tableau user, analyst and decision maker the best possible experience with your dashboards.

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More Detail

Datalabs also designs style guides for Microsoft Excel, Power BI, infographics, and for interactive data visualization. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can create your style guide.