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Bring Data & Reports To Life With Interactive Visualisations & Chart Design

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With d3 and Highcharts, Datalabs bring data to life with beautiful interactivity

Interactive Charts and Data Visualisations can be the most compelling and memorable format for communicating complex data. From charts to calculators, interactive dashboards, or reports….

Give users the ability to discover and the freedom to choose.

There’s both artistry and science behind Datalabs’ interactive data visualisations and charts. Having an interactive chart and allowing your audience to ‘play’ with data brings them closer to the action, let’s them educate themselves in the structure and values within a dataset. By giving your audience the visual interface to change what the data looks like, you’ve empowering them to choose their own journey through your data and hopefully entertaining them, as well.

We start with the audience, with their brain in fact. What is the insight that they can glean from your data and how best to present it, make it memorable far into the future when they’ve left their screen and gone onto other things. Will they remember what the data is ‘saying’? Will they recall what the visuals looked like? And were they able to infer for themselves the next likely action that they can take?

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We can help you get your data beautiful, interactive, memorable.

In Datalabs’ experience, the key for a successful interactive data visualisation is the user experience (UX). Our interaction designers work with data journalists and data visualisation developers to extract the meaningful and memorable insights from your data, constructing an interactive experience that blows away the legacy methods that companies and government organisations have relied on too long to communicate their data: Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

So treat your audience with respect. Value their time and intelligence. And turn your data and reports into interactive charts and data visualisations and see the benefits, visually.

Uses for Interactive Data Visualisations

Annual Reports
Visual Content for Media
Executive Briefings
Sales Presentations
Training Modules

Financial Reports
Executive Presentations
Shareholder Presentations
Marketing Campaigns

Educational Content
Political Polling
Product Collateral
Visualizing PR Research

Visual Financial Modelling & Systems Visualisations
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A Finance Data Problem. Visual Financial Modelling & Systems Visualisations Digitised cash is invisible. It’s physical existence and its flow through your company’s coffers are referenced

Technical Specifications of Our Data Visualizations
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Web Standards for Our Interactive Data Visualisations

Our data visualisations are programmed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple Safari are supported.

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We’ve helped solved big data problems for our clients here in Australia — everything from data analysis projects to beautiful data visualisation campaigns. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you.