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Digital Data Maps, Cartography & Geospatial Design

Cartography is the art and science of making maps… and making beautiful and informative maps is what our agency does. Datalabs is a data visualization agency with world-class experience in the geospatial design and the development of digital maps. Every day our agency handles large amounts of location data and our map designs engage audiences on websites, tablets, and mobile applications, communicating the great stories of where? with the best cartographic software available today.

Our Design and Development Experience in Maps & Cartography

Our cartographic development team works with Google Maps and other rich mapping libraries. Our vast knowledge of mapping platforms gives us an advantage — it helps us arrive at the best piece of technology, the best foundation to build a solid, well-designed map interface for our clients.

Datalabs’ staff have over fifteen years experience in cartography.

Having worked on large-scale printed maps, such as National Geographic’s World Atlas, to producing Telstra’s WhereIs websites and mobile apps, we have the experience to project manage your digital map development and designs end-to-end.

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We can design maps to anchor an entire website experience.

We can design dynamic maps that enhance individual SEO location pages. We can work with your development team to design maps to embed in your company’s or government organization’s applications. Datalabs also develops and designs maps for internal use, as well — maps that serve inside of your intranet, sales or client reporting portals. All we need to know is what data would you like to see on a map and we’ll design a fantastic experience on a mapping platform that makes sense for your business.

An example of our work for the University of Melbourne

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We’ve helped solved big data problems for our clients here in Australia — everything from data analysis projects to beautiful data visualisation campaigns. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you.