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Interactive Storytelling with Infographics

Engage Your Audience With An Interactive Infographic Visual Experience
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Interactive infographics are designed to allow your audience to “play”, to control, and see information as an online, animated graphic. Interactive charts, maps & cartography, infographics embedded with multimedia can create a rich and unique experience.

A higher-order form of visual content, interactive infographics have a bright future as a format for digital communication and reports. As the web world grows more visual, Datalabs also sees it grow more interactive — the flat infographics of today will evolve into interactive infographics tomorrow. The reason is simple: interactive infographics are more engaging than their static cousins. Their The design needs to take into account how your audience will behave with the infographic.

Want to know what style of infographic is best for you? Then click the link and…

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Designing Engaging Interactive Infographics

Designing an interactive visual experience can be complex. But through our simple design process, Datalabs takes the complexity away for our clients. Through a series of questions, our interaction designers tease out how your audience can get the most engaging and insightful experience with your information. Questions like:

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    How will your audience discover the interactivity of the infographic?
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    What information is shown when they roll over the data, the content?
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    How is this additional information designed, presented?
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    How will the graphics move, fade, enlarge?
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    …and finally: How will navigating across the interface work?

Our interactive infographic designers are trained to create memorable experiences with each graphic we create. Our process for interactive design, much like our process for infographic report design, is the key to great work and happy clients.

Datalabs & Interactive Infographics

Datalabs specialises in data and information design. Interactive infographics are one of the great formats produced by Datalabs’ data visualisers. We can design process graphics, organisational charts, flow diagrams. We can visualise big ideas and difficult-to-explain concepts. We can solve your business problem, visually, and let your audience love it by making it into an interactive infographic for your intranet, corporate communications event, or company website.

Datalabs Designs Interactive Infographics

…to be usable on all modern web browsers. We’ll show you our sketch work, design a prototype, then let you — the client — play with the infographic design. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll move your interactive infographic into programming. We code our interactive infographics in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

So communicate in a modern, visual way: think about infographics and think about them designed interactively. Contact us at Datalabs when you do. Your audience will appreciate it.

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We’ve helped solved big data problems for our clients here in Australia — everything from data analysis projects to beautiful data visualisation campaigns. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you.