Highcharts & D3 Data Visualization Style Guides

Highcharts Is Amazing. D3 Is Amazing. They Just Don’t Look It Without Help.

D3 & Highcharts Style Guides, Best Practice, Instructions & Code. Designed & Delivered By Datalabs.

We’ve love Highcharts & D3. But visually they need work and that should be done by experts in data visualisation, not your typical developer. The Datalabs Agency specialises in data visualisation style guides where we combine our data viz wizardry with practical and user-friendly instructions.

Our style guides explain, demonstrate and help your analysts and developers get the most out of Highcharts & D3 — without sacrificing the visual appeal. We see organisations invest in data visualisation technology but forget the other crucial aspects of visual communication — the design, the style, and look-and-feel. The consequence of forgetting about design is that the user experience is poor. Visually, it lacks clarity and structure.

As part of our style guide we’ll develop your visual reporting language and style, so everyone viewing your reports understands your information quickly and with an overall visual style that is repeatable through the whole organisation.

Interactive Visual Design

We make Highcharts & D3 style sheets as both a creative and technical process. We take the time to first develop a reporting or data visualisation style that works for your company and the division within it. Once that is done, we develop a microsite that houses both the instructions, the downloadable assets, and the Highcharts code. This can be added to as your needs change and grow.

Chart Development

We develop everything you’d need for your reporting: charts & graphs, fonts, data hierarchy, maps and geo-spatial data, spacing, sizing, layouts, icons, and dashboard design. We’ll also recommend best practices for clean data visualisation, methods for comparison visualisations, methods for optimising and prioritising insights. Finally, we’ll look at data connections, integrations and match our Highcharts Style Guide to your larger brand style guide.


Our Highcharts & D3 Style Guide is delivered as either a fully functional microsite that can be hosted on your server, intranet or web address or as a paper guide with asset files for the JavaScript (JS) and style sheet code (CSS).

If you’re curious about how we can help get you the best possible outcome for your interactive reporting and Highcharts project, click the button below and we’ll be in touch.

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